Video Book Co-Founders Visit Pensacola Headquarters from Australia

Video Book Co-Founders Visit Pensacola Headquarters from Australia

Once upon a scorching summer, our journey led us to the vibrant city of Pensacola, where the heat greeted us warmly. Our purpose for this expedition from freezing Melbourne, Australia was multifaceted, as we traveled to Central Florida for a series of significant meetings.

First on our agenda was a pivotal rendezvous with a printer for a major political party. We delved into the realm of Video Brochures, exploring how this innovative approach could serve their campaign and communication needs.

Eager to expand our horizons, we made our way to Clearwater to attend a networking event hosted by Business Networking International (BNI). It was there that we found a spirited and driven salesperson who will spearhead our sales strategy in the Tampa region. With BNI forming the foundation, we envisioned our product’s reach extending across the state and beyond.

With momentum building, we seized the opportunity to present our Executive Video Book product to Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Their interest and enthusiasm reinforced how impactful partnerships can be in real estate.

The Clearwater Marketing Alliance became our next destination, as we strategized on integrating video books and QR tech into their marketing initiatives.

Upon returning to Pensacola, we met with IHCM. Seeking to make a difference in the community, we met to explore how video books and TurnkeyQR technology could capture stories and inspire donor contributions for their upcoming projects.

As the days progressed, we embarked on an internal filming spree, capturing moments for social media, website, and educational purposes. A focus group (one of 9 hosted to date() provided valuable insights, ensuring our products met and exceeded expectations.

Based in our Pensacola headquarters and showroom at CoLab, we experienced the charm of local gatherings, attending events like Taco Thursday, fostering connections that extended our reach and influence. We stressed-tested our new wedding video book platform, refining it for unparalleled user experiences.

We journeyed to meet IES in Pensacola, discussing how Video Brochures, Video Books, and QR Tech could revolutionize their marketing strategies. Witnessing their official opening in the old Pensacola Coca Cola building added to the excitement of collaboration.

A significant product filming day at Duh, showcasing our products amidst their exquisite furniture, added a change of pace on a steamy Sunday. Our path then led us to IdGroup in Pensacola, engaged in an impressive project for one of their customers. Virtual meets with countless prospects allowed us to explore new territories, bridging distances with cutting-edge technology. Amidst the whirlwind of activities, we outlined the next steps for product rollouts and focused on product development with meticulous attention to detail. 


Despite the busy schedule, we made valuable time for tranquility. The Nut Farm offered serenity, while Pensacola Beach provided moments of relaxation.  The grandeur of the World Equestrian Centre in Ocala left us in awe, and Pensacola Gallery Night was celebrated with a drink and Taco’s!

As our journey came to a close, we carried with us memories of growth, collaboration, and the invigorating spirit of exploration. We departed Pensacola, ready to continue our pursuit of excellence and innovation — and launch our quality video books to the world!

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